CP Films Inc, the world’s largest manufacturer of window films, is recognized for state-of-the-art research and technology, manufacturing excellence and capacity, comprehensive global distribution, and unsurpassed levels of customer service. With 50 year of experience, CPFilms has the ability to meet the diverse needs of a global marketplace better than any competitor.
LLumar (Thailand) revolutionized the windows film industry in Thailand when it was established in 1995 as the Thai exclusive distributor for CPFilms products. LLumar took just six years to become number one in Thailand, a remarkable feat considering much of its early growth was achieved despite the Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s.
LLumar’s rise from market entrant to industry leader in just six years resulted from the company’s focus on offering high-quality products and outstanding customer service. LLumar (Thailand) has built a dedicated customer following by positioning itself as a trusted expert while at the same time reinforcing the value that clients receive by opting for higher-quality, premium level products and service. LLumar (Thailand) also stands out for great customer service, including accurate product information for customer decision-making, professional installation, a 24-hour call centre, and unsurpassed after-sales service.
The manufacturer CPFilms is ISO: 9001 certified, and its products are manufactured using internationally recognized production techniques and the latest and highest quality materials, as reinforced in the company’s slogan: LLumar Films World-quality window films.
The most important characteristic of solar control window film is its heat reduction quality, followed by UV and glare rejection capabilities. Window film help reduce health risks, save energy and lower air-conditioning expenses. These qualifications point toward the continued growth of LLumar Films, whose creed for success is excellent products, fine service real expertise and total responsibility.
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